Path to full Stack Java Developer

Our latest Full Stack Java development Bootcamp offers you high end technology in demand in most of the tech industries in the market like Angular, React, Node, Java EE, Java SE, Spring, Spring Boot, Servlets, MVC, Rest API, Design Pattern, SQL, MySQL, NoSQL, HTML and CSS Basics, Hibernate, SOA, Jenkins, Git, and Web services to build highly scalable and robust web application by one of the most skilled and professional Java developers in the tech industry. Learn More

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Shape your career with GreenQbit BootsCamp

GreenQbit offers intensive 12- 24 weeks courses designed for students and professionals to grab hands-on skills in coding, development tools and the technology needed to solve real-life problems and projects in the tech market. Our rigorous curriculum designed by professionals and experts in the field, will assist you to prepare in advance for the challenges and work environment you will face while applying, interviewing, and landing lucrative jobs in the tech market.

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NodeJs Bootcamp

Gain a deeper insight of NodeJs with our NodeJs Bootcamp, our 60 hours class session will enable you to understand the concept of ES6/ES7 Javascript in Node, structuring node apps, event emitters, buffers, streams, pipes, mean stacks and building web servers using node sz and more.Learn More

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With GreenQbit you can meet all your design solutions whether it be attractive website designs, branding your business with creative design solutions, creating templates and website themes, revamping your existing website and more. Learn More


Build robust, scalable,user friendly and secure software with us. With an experienced team and sophisticated technologies we meet all software solutions. We have built great projects in ERP applications, POS softwares,Android and iOS applications, MIS, Accounting applications and more. Learn More


We provide you with the latest programming language, data science, AI, UI/UX, DevOps, NodeJS, React, and more powerful courses. We designed the courses with real-life problem solving projects, development tools, version control systems like Git, Design patterns, project management tools and more.Explore our courses

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Be the part of GreenQbit learners community and enhance your skills now with our live classes with top courses and best time flexibility.

Courses We Offer !

At GreenQbit we have designed the best skills-boosting courses to elevate your career and learning path.

FullStack Java & React web Development

Empower yourself with the power of Java + React for acquiring both frontend and backend technological skill with topics like React...


Full Java Industrial Course with web

Huge applications like Enterprise, Fin-tech, E-commerce, Accounting and user- based applications are built in Java.GreenQbit offers...


Graphics Designing

Learn the art of creative and logo design, branding, color combinations, typographies,image manipulation and editing and much more using Adobe...


Node JS, React JS, Web FullStack Development

Develop powerful software applications with Node and React with us as we lead you to explore the unbound possibilities of...


Pathway to internship in Australia

With our intensive internship and job placement program GreenQbit connects you to the best high-tech companies in Australia/ Nepal. We have designed 3-6 months intensive internship programs where you will be able to understand and explore the real life work environment and under real-life projects and problems that you will face in your job after graduation. We make sure that you are capable of implementing best code practices, use the latest technology and project management tools which build up your confidence and personality.You will learn various aspects of product development as in the tech world robust product matters the most. Explore more with us.


Job Placement and career Counselling

Information Technology is a huge platform with numerous fields to be specialized in, it can get confusing and overwhelming to choose the right platform and skill set. At GreenQbit, we help you choose the best career choices that find your passion and interest in the tech world with better career opportunities and pay. We provide the best career counselling sessions with experienced experts in various fields to understand real life work culture and career choices. We help you build a powerful portfolio, strengthen your resume, prepare you with interview tactics, and enable you to solve real life problem-solving projects. We establish your connection with employers and the best high-tech companies in Australia /Nepal.


Santosh Kharel

Sydney Australia

I am very much glad and thankful to yojha Sir that we got to know about GreenQbit because of him. GreenQbit has been an outstanding platform for us so far, to satisfy our quench thirst for learning about software development.Here we got our minds broadened about software development and its implementation in real life. Our tutor is always helpful and looking out to help and make us a competent software developer in every possible way. Our learning in here tools technology than we have been using in the learning process is very up to date. I am very sure that I would be a competent developer by the time I would be graduated from GreenQbit. All thanks to Our yojha Sir and his team for making this possible.

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Website Creation

Create dynamic and trendy websites with us, we build great interactive, responsive and user-friendly designs from scratch for complete new websites or revamp...

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Software Development

Develop robust and secure software applications with us, we have built Accounting applications, POS, MIS, School Management Systems for our clients. With a team of highly...

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We accelerate your business helping you brand your company in customer's minds and choices. With GreenQbit branding solutions, where we help you design the best logo...

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Digital Marketing

What catches customers' eyes catches their mind, to scale your business and promote them to millions of customers worldwide, we offer you various digital...

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