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About Us

We are a team of developers and enthusiasts who love to code and solve large problems with simplified lines of codes. Together we planned to team up and open GreenQbit to develop great innovative software and user end products delivering great customer satisfaction and ultimate happiness.

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How did it all start for GreenQbit education?

Back in 2017, we saw there were growing numbers of young aspirers who want to be part of the tech industry but somehow they lack industry-standard skill sets due to which they were never able to be part of the best tech companies.

On the other hand there is a huge demand for young aspires in the companies but they are not able to hire the right candidate due to skill set incapability , which results in a gap in the tech market.

GreenQbit education aims to fill this gap, providing young aspirers and professionals practical industry used project-based skill sets and bridge them to land the right jobs to excel in their career path.

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Learn and explore industry level practises

With GreenQbit Education, experience industry level, high tech standard practises based curriculum designed for students and working professionals. Enabling them to build robust user end products and land on the right career paths.

We aim to grow together

Since 2017, our focus is not only to deliver innovative and great user end products but also to enable every single individual in our team and also those who want to join us reach their best potentials.We aim to accelerate growth of our customers and stakeholders assisting them to achieve their best milestones.

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With us technology matters

We don’t stick to legacy technologies rather explore and implement the latest and dependable programming languages, secure database, and firewall systems, interactive and real-time frontend technologies.

For the developers by the developers

Our team of experienced developers established GreenQbit as a strong open a platform for young aspirants to learn and grow various programming skills and technologies. We welcome anyone who wants to be part of this learning process.