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Wordpress Framework for Beginners

Build and host responsive websites with the GreenQbit WordPress Beginner course. With an experienced professional instructor, we guide you step by step enabling you to create dynamic websites that run on all device types. Grab the opportunity, be master on managing and creating websites on your own with the power of PHP.

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6 weeks

Daily Study

1.5 hour

100% online and offline

Study at your own place or at ours.


WordPress is a free and open-source PHP platform for content management and beautiful responsive websites. WordPress is paired with a MySQL and MariaDB database. PHP is a content management system(CMS) that helps you host and build websites. It contains plugin architecture and a template system so we can easily customize our websites, blog, online store, or portfolio. It is very easy for Beginners to learn and excel on as it comes with a sidebar with listed menus in the dashboard. We can easily upgrade and customize our websites as we can easily create posts, pages and customize our website design like navigation menu and more.
Join our upcoming WordPress classes and master the art of building and hosting websites on your own.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner developers wanting to learn WordPress
  • Small business owner who want to manage this business websites and portfolio
  • Bloggers Who wants to create thier own blogs
  • Intermediate PHP developers who want to swtich to WordPress Framework
  • Intermediate or Pro level developers willing to learn new Framework

Course Content

  • Introduction
  • Introduction to WordPress
  • Insights on building your own WordPress Website
  • Themes Introduction
  • Pages and Navigation Menus

  • Creating (and Formatting) Content in WordPress
  • Formatting Content (Part 2)
  • Keyboard Shortcuts & Embedding Content Tips
  • Subpages & Dropdown Menus

  • Create a Photo Gallery Page
  • Plugins Introduction
  • Blog Posts & Categories
  • Custom Homepage (Instead of Blog Listing)
  • Blog Post Thumbnails and "Read More" Excerpt Links

  • Comments Creation
  • Widgets Creation

  • Create a Contact Page
  • Saving Contact Form Entries To The Database

  • User Accounts
  • Settings (Permalinks & Pagination)

  • Move Entire WordPress Site (Export / Import)
  • Next Steps (Looking Forward)
  • Useful Resources
  • Bonus Lecture

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  • Basic knowledge of JavaScript, HTML & CSS

Santosh Kharel

Sydney Australia

I am very much glad and thankful to yojha Sir that we got to know about GreenQbit because of him. GreenQbit has been an outstanding platform for us so far, to satisfy our quench thirst for learning about software development.Here we got our minds broadened about software development and its implementation in real life. Our tutor is always helpful and looking out to help and make us a competent software developer in every possible way. Our learning in here tools technology than we have been using in the learning process is very up to date. I am very sure that I would be a competent developer by the time I would be graduated from GreenQbit. All thanks to Our yojha Sir and his team for making this possible.

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