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Pave your path to success with us Land lucrative jobs in Australia /Nepal
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With our GreenQbit Job placement/Internship program we connect you with one of the best IT companies in Australia /Nepal. Through career counselling sessions we help you determine the best potential you have and your field of interest and provide you with the best career choices.

We have designed intensive full-stack development, programming and other courses/ Bootcamps that expose you to real-life work environmental scenarios, technological aspects, development tools,projects,database management. team collaboration and powerful repositories in advance. With experienced professional instructors and such Bootcamps we enable you to enrich your best potentials and build great projects and applications.

After completion of your course you will have a great level of experience of how everything works in rea- life scenarios, so we help you

  • Apply for your job interviews
  • Choose the best positions and companies in the tech market.
  • Build powerful resumes/CV and portfolio
  • Crack tricky interview questions.
  • Demo interview and exams
  • Personality improvement sessions
  • Internship Opportunities